Hairy Toe Productions A program that celebrates our heritage with stories and music from around the world. John’s retelling of African and European fables and folktales is a delightful presentation that connects the past with the present highlighting culture differences and similarities. Each Story reflects simple conflict and struggle with predictable resolutions. Some stories are enhanced with the introduction of old world instruments (jaw harp, Kalimba (lamellophone, drums, mouth bow and banjo). This program can be funded in part by a SC Humanities Speakers Bureau grant. “Wow! I thought your show at the Iva Library today was absolutely perfect.  I think the children learned so much without realizing they were learning.”  ---  Jennifer Simmons, Children’s Librarian, Anderson, S.C.                                           Libraries Children's Programs Where’d You Come From, Where’d You Go? A hilarious collection of Appalachian and American folktales and old- time tunes. Your young audience will simply be absorbed by the stories and intrigued with the unusual musical instruments. John is captivating with narration, voice and character engaging his audiences with his energy and theatrical approach in story-performance. Along with his wonderful stories he also plays (with some historical introduction) banjo, spoons, jaw-harp, harmonica, fiddle and guitar. A wonderful celebration of our past. Going Across the Mountains Wish I were a Mole in the Ground Groundhogs, bears and moles, as well as a host of other wild animals, spend time underground. This fun and informative program is a mixture of tales and songs about some of those varmints. You’ll hear funny songs played on the old-time skinhead banjo, spoons, harmonica. and guitar, and learn some interesting facts while listening to hand-me-down folktales.  A Great Summer Reading Program! Lorem Ispum Dolor Lorem Ispum Dolor