Hairy Toe Productions Libraries Adult Programs Lorem Ispum Dolor                               Appalachian Stories and Songs A wonderful program of traditional and personal stories with music presentation on banjo,guitar, fiddle, harmonica and spoons. This program is a celebration of Southern Appalachian culture and influences. John draws on his roots presenting stories and songs from the southern mountains with a personal touch about grandparents, apron- strings and his first telephone experience. Expect historic references and some music history. This program can be funded in part by a SC Humanities Speakers Bureau grant. Lorem Ispum Dolor        History of Roots Music in South Carolina An interactive timeline lecture with music presentations. John connects the dots, linking music heritage relative to region, ethnicity, religion and culture. The presentation is an overview of parallels between European, Native American and African influences which played an important role in shaping American music forms and styles, from field hollers and chants to blues and gospel. Early forms of folk/country and bluegrass are also introduced. This program can be funded in part by a SC Humanities Speakers Bureau grant.              Going Across the Mountains A hilarious collection of Appalachian and American folktales and old-time tunes for family (young and old). Your audience will simply be absorbed by the stories and intrigued with the unusual musical instruments. John is captivating with narration, voice and character engaging his audiences with his energy and theatrical approach in story- performance. Along with his wonderful stories he also plays (with some historical introduction) banjo, spoons, jaw-harp, harmonica, fiddle and guitar. A wonderful celebration of our past. Lorem Ispum Dolor