Hairy Toe Productions       Dramatizing an Aesop Fable Students love to act out stories. This program explores an Aesop Fable “The Lion and the Mouse” using narrative mime, language and visual arts as a tool for story development. John will introduce the story and follow up with a classroom discussion about the characters, setting and plot. Critical thinking and problem solving skills will be explored.  Students will dramatize (act out the story) the fable. A story-sequencing exercise using art (drawing) will be implemented as part of the residency. Each student will also have ample time discovering the simple art in telling the story. John will also introduce (tell) several other folk tales and fables during the week.               The art of storytelling is a great tool for learning story structure and development, promoting good writing skills. It introduces oral presentation techniques. which helps to develop effective language arts, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  Each residency described below is a collection of time- tested fun-filled educational lessons that  have been developed on a one-week-- one hour per day-- format. Residencies can also be designed to fit your schedule and needs based on part week or day visits. Lorem Ispum Dolor A program designed for K5~2nd grades STORYWRITE is a language arts based residency that teaches the fundamentals of story writing and story telling. Each student will develop and share their work based on a folktale told by John. Students will discuss essential elements in writing a good story, create and write a conclusion, and (orally) share their written work. This program allows creativity that promotes reading, writing, and speaking skills. Teachers are encouraged to fuse any writing objectives with their students (figurative language, character/dialog development, descriptive, sensory and emotional writing techniques). This is an excellent program. STORYWRITE       A program designed for upper elementary grades Introduce your students to music history, theory and application. Students will hear an array of American folk/ethic songs played on old world and old-timey folk instruments. They will discover how primitive instruments evolved, see live demonstrations and learn the simple mechanics of “how all instruments work”. Student participation is encouraged. This is a one of a kind very educational program that is designed to open the world of music to your students, and can be formatted for a single day classroom presentation or multi-grades programs. Musical Instruments and How They Work            Can be designed for primary, elementary, middle school grades l l “You are a breath of fresh air in a world of technological entertainment!!” ----Wanda Lumsden, Mitchell Road Elementary, Greenville, S.C.                                                                                    Lorem Ispum Dolor