Hairy Toe Productions Johnny Get You Hair Cut Pay With $6.00 $10.00 $10.00 $10.00 $10.00 $10.00 This is a wonderful collection of songs and stories for the little ones. The songs are traditional American folk songs, ballads and mountain songs featuring fiddling master Barney Barnwell and musicians John and Lee Dill. The stories are old hand-me-down and originals yarns. The songs are: Johnnie Get Your Hair Cut, Old Mule Train, Moans and Groans, Froggy Went A-Courtin’, Jimmy Crack Corn, Trading Songs, Old Joe Clark, Crawdad Song. The Stories are: The Who Owl, Taily Bone, Grave Robbers and more funny nonsense stuff. Charles is from Union County, SC and has been playing the fiddle since he was 4 years old. He learned by watching his dad play. His first public outing was on WSPA radio, out of Spartanburg, SC. He was nine years old. Over the years he developed a popular bluegrass playing style mimicking some of his heroes. He put together bands that featured his fiddling, played local radio stations,dances, parties and regular jam sessions. In 2005, he received the South Carolina Jean Laney Harris Folk Heritage Award. This project is his only know collection of his tunes. Charles was 80 years old at the time of this recording (2006). The Tunes are: Fire on the Mountain, Whoa Mule, Cripple Creek, Leather Britches, Bile Them Cabbage Down, Chicken Reel, Rag Time Annie, Down the Road, Cindy, Cotton Eyed Joe, Old Joe Clark, Turkey in the Straw, Soldier's Joy, Cacklin' Hen, Buffalo Gals A great collection of traditional mountain folktales and music to tickle your funny bone, scare you silly, and entertain you for hours. Simply a fun bunch of stories and songs for the whole family to enjoy. The selections are: Cripple Creek, The Hairy Toe, Cluck Old Hen, The Nick Nack Song, Merrywise, Groundhog, Old One-Eye, Fly Away My Pretty Little Miss. Kid Tested & Approved!!! A Great little recording for family fun. Have you ever wondered how the old-timers make music out of some of the contraptions they play on? Here's your chance to find out. It's all in this instructional booklet. Detailed instructions on how to make or where to buy some of the most popular folk instruments around. You'll find demonstrations on how to make music, wise old-time sayings & music to boot. The instruments featured (not included) are; spoons, bones, washboard, jaw-harp and mouth-bow. 5 × 8, 45 pages and great drawings. Trotting Sally The Roots and Legacy of a Folk Hero John Thomas Fowler tells two tales: the story of Trotting Sally, a once-familiar street musician to residents of the upcountry of South Carolina and western North Carolina; and the real man few knew -- George Mullins, who lifted himself out of slavery and built a new life, brick by brick. Fowler fleshes out the public figure and reveals the private man behind one of the Carolinas' most famous and elusive turn-of- the-century African Americans. Fowler takes extra care in sharing historical and family facts creating an outstanding collection of nearly lost history and folklore. This biography reads like a historical outline with almost soup opera proportions about love and betrayal, civil war and hard times, freedom and courage all bound in the life of a street performer. A great read!    . $15.00
American roots and ethnic music is a unique blend of Anglo- European, Native America and West African influences. Simple chants, rhythms, sacred songs, and ballads have given birth to gospel, blues, folk, and old-time country music styles. Over time other immigrant groups’ music integrated into the process as well. The role that South Carolina musicians have played in this process is an important link in the American roots music experience. This project is a rare collection of South Carolina roots music from an original source of musicians. There is no other collection like it. Features: Drink Small, Nick Hallman, Freddy Vanderford, Brotherhood Gospel Singers, John Fowler and more!!! A comprehensive collection of fiddle tunes from some of the very last true old-time musicians of upcountry South Carolina. These are rare field recordings from the personal archives of collector John Fowler, made between 1996 to 2002. Thirty-four cuts: individual biographies, photographs, notes and observations, rare music. Some of the tunes are: Over the Waves, Shout Lou, Shortin' Bread, Bill Cheatnum, Rye Whisky, Cripple Creek, Dance All Night, Chicken Reel and lots more!